Aluminum DC(hot-rolled) Vs. CC(casting-rolling)

Before diving into the difference between these two aluminum processing methods, let’s quickly cover what they are.

Hot-rolled aluminum coil generally refers to the rolling of metal above the crystallization temperature.

Casting rolling aluminum coil is also called cast aluminum coil, cold rolling usually refers to the rolling of metal below the recrystallization temperature.

From the Appearance

The surface difference between cold-rolled and hot-rolled aluminum coils can be seen from the appearance alone that the surface of the hot-rolled aluminum coil will be a little grayer and darker, and the brightness of the cold-rolled aluminum sheet may not be so much compared to the cold-rolled aluminum sheet.

The reason for this is that hot-rolled aluminum coil are often made of alloys, especially metals such as manganese, magnesium, and silicon, which will cause the surface of the aluminum coil to turn gray and black, so the surface of the two will be grayer and colder than the hot-rolled coil.

Usually the surface brightness of the hot-rolled sheet is better than that of the cold-rolled sheet, but this should also be considered with the thickness of the aluminum sheet.


The mechanical properties of hot-rolled sheets and the ductility of aluminum coils are better.

Especially the oxidation process of hot-rolled aluminum coils, the effect is extremely good. Compared to cold aluminum sheet and aluminum coil, the oxidation effect of hot-rolled ones are better.

The process of hot-rolled plate is to use vertical casting to form a billet, which is what we call a large plate ingot, which is heated and finally rolled into a coil for supply.

The process of cold-rolled plate is to use cast-rolled billet.


The strength performance between cold rolling and hot rolling of aluminum plate mainly depends on the alloy composition of aluminum plate.

The hardness achieved by different aluminum sheet alloys is incomparable. For example, the hot-selling 1060 aluminum sheet for cold-rolled aluminum sheet and the best-selling 5052 aluminum sheet for hot-rolled sheet. One point, the performance comparison between the two is different, the hardness of the 5052 aluminum plate is better, and the use effect scene is also better.


Cold-rolled aluminum coils cost less than hot-rolled aluminum coils because it involves fewer processing steps and the process are relatively more mature than hot-rolled method.