How To Make Rolls Of Aluminum Foil ?

1235 aluminum foil is a commonly used aluminum alloy foil in the 1xxx series. As a manufacturer of aluminum foil, Yongsheng follows a strict manufacturing process to ensure the production of high quality aluminium foil. The process begins with the melting and casting of aluminium ingots, which are rolled into large slabs. These slabs are then passed through a rolling mill several times to reduce the thickness of the aluminium and improve its mechanical properties. In the third step, the aluminium foil is annealed to remove residual stresses and improve its strength and flexibility. Finally, the aluminium foil is cut into narrower coils of the required width and is subjected to stringent quality control checks to ensure that it complies with industry standards and regulations. Our manufacturing process follows stringent quality control measures to ensure that the final product is of the highest quality and consistency, making it suitable for a wide range of flexible packaging applications.

1235 Aluminum Foil :

1235 aluminum foil is one of the most commonly used materials in flexible packaging. Its typical tensile strength is around 60MPa, and its elongation is usually above 30%. Has many desirable physical properties, including light weight, ductility, and electrical conductivity. It is also highly reflective, which makes it useful for insulation purposes. The typical density of 1235 aluminum foil is about 2.7 g/cm^3, while its melting point is about 660°C. In addition, 1235 aluminum foil has strong corrosion resistance, which makes it suitable for use in a wide range of environments. It is also non-toxic and will not react with food or other products, making it a safe and reliable material for flexible packaging applications.

1235 aluminum foil has barrier properties that protect products from moisture, light, and other environmental elements. It is also highly flexible and can be easily formed into various shapes and sizes. In addition, 1235 aluminum foil is customizable and can be customized according to the specific needs of different applications. 1235 aluminum foil offers many advantages over other materials used in flexible packaging. Its light weight reduces shipping costs and makes it easier to handle. It’s also cost-effective, making it an attractive option for manufacturers looking to keep costs down without sacrificing quality.

1235 aluminium foil

Aluminum Foil Manufacturer :

Henan Yongsheng Aluminum provides battery foil, blister foil, container foil, decorative foil, foil, raw foil, flexible packaging foil, heat-sealing foil, household foil, industrial foil, tape foil, etc. Our products are exported to all over the world and are well received by customers. The price is reasonable and the quality is reliable. Here are some key advantages:

High Purity & Quality: Our Aluminum Foil products are manufactured from premium raw materials ensuring an exceptional level of purity. These foils are free of impurities and safe for use in food packaging and other sensitive applications.

Clean Surface: no bacteria and microorganisms can grow on it.

Odorless & Non-Toxic: it will not cause any peculiar smell to food, can directly contact with food, does not endanger human life and health, maintains the freshness, flavor and integrity of food, and significantly prolongs its shelf life.

Plasticity & Thermal Conductivity: Achieve efficient heat transfer during cooking, baking and other thermal processes, and can be shaped at will without cracking or cutting.

Customizable: We offer a variety of sizes, thicknesses and specifications to meet customers’ specific needs. Whether you need standard sizes or custom foils, feel free to contact us for professional advice and a quote within 5 minutes.

Yongsheng 1235 Aluminum Foil Specification :

Alloy Model 1235 aluminum
Thickness 0.006 mm ~ 0.2 mm
Length Any length by requirements
Width 10mm~1500mm
MOQ 3 tons
Sample Free
Packaging Seaworthy wooden pallet, wooden case, aluminum plate case.
Certificate MTC, ISO9001, SGS, ROHS, DNV, TUV, ISO14001, ABS, CCS, CE.

Advantages Of Yongsheng 1235 Aluminum Foil :

1. Aluminum foil surface color uniform, clean, flat plate type, no obvious roller imprint, pitting, pinhole, corrosion marks;

2. Aluminum foil surface without creases, spots, bright line and other rolling defects;

3. No color difference on the surface of aluminum foil;

4. No oil on the surface, no serious oil smell, no visible oil spot.

1235 Aluminum Foil Flexible Packaging :

 Food Packaging :

The principal applications for 1235 aluminum foil in food packaging include the packaging of chocolate, butter, cheese, and a variety of other foods like candies, dry products, and snacks. Aluminum foil 1235 is the material of choice for food manufacturers when it comes to packaging their goods securely and effectively because to its superior barrier qualities, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. In addition, 8011 aluminum foil, 8079 aluminum foil, and 3003 aluminum foil are also ideal grades commonly used for packaging food.

1235 aluminum foil flexible packaging - food packaging (packaging  chocolates)

Medical Packaging :

Some of the main uses of aluminium foils (e.g. commonly used 1235 aluminium foil and 8021 aluminium foil) in pharmaceutical packaging include: blister packaging (that is, the packaging form of pharmaceutical tablets and capsules); pouch packaging (such as powders and granules); cold forming (laminated to a layer of plastic film, It is then molded into a specific shape using a cold forming machine). In addition to these specific uses, 1235 aluminum foil is used in a variety of other pharmaceutical packaging applications, such as for packaging suppositories and sealing vials and bottles.

1235 aluminum foil flexible packaging - medical packaging (packaging  capsules)

Industrial Packaging :

In industrial packaging, 1235 aluminum foil is commonly used in the packaging of tobacco products, including cigarettes, cigars and tobacco. In addition, 1235 aluminium foil is used in other industrial applications such as insulation, flexible ducting, cable shielding, pipe wrapping, as well as electrical conductors and heat exchangers.

1235 aluminum foil flexible packaging - industrial packaging (packaging  tobacco products)