About 1100 Aluminum Coil:

1100 aluminum coil is an aluminum alloy whose composition is at least 99% aluminum with small additions of other elements. It is a popular material because of its excellent properties and characteristics, including high formability, corrosion resistance and low density. 1100 aluminum coils are widely used in construction, transportation, electronics, packaging and other industries. It can be obtained through wholesale procurement, which has many benefits such as cost savings, bulk procurement advantages, and convenience.

1100 aluminum coils

Composition Of 1100 Aluminum Coil

The 1100 aluminum coil is composed of at least 99% aluminum, with small amounts of copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, silicon, and zinc, with the specific proportion of each element being copper (Cu) at 0.05% maximum, iron (Fe) at 0.40% maximum, magnesium (Mg) at 0.05% maximum, manganese (Mn) at 0.05% maximum, silicon (Si) at 0.95% maximum, and zinc (Zn) at 0.10% maximum.

Specifications Of 1100 Aluminum Coil:

Alloy 1100 Aluminium Alloy
Thickness 0.2mm-6mm
Width 10mm-2650mm
Temper O, H12,H14,H18, H22, H24,H24,H32, H34, H38, etc.
Processing Service Bending, Decoiling, Welding, Punching, Cutting.


Delivery Ready stock: 7-10 days

Future goods: 15-30 days

Certificate MTC, ISO9001, SGS, ROHS, DNV, TUV, ISO14001, ABS, CCS, CE.

Application Of 1100 Aluminum Coil:

1100 aluminum coils are widely used in power battery soft connections, aluminum-plastic panels, lighting materials, capacitor casings, road signs, building exterior walls, etc. The main application fields of Yongsheng 1100 aluminum coil are: HVAC, condenser, radiator, evaporator, heat shield, deep drawn applications, spinning, fan blades, nameplates and sheet metal work.

1100 Aluminum Coil Packaging And Shipping

Yongsheng 1100 aluminum coils are usually packaged with moisture-proof cotton + moisture-proof paper + plastic cloth + stretch film + thickened plastic skin to prevent them from being affected by moisture, dust and other pollutants. Use horizontal packaging or vertical packaging, etc., and fix with metal straps or straps to prevent movement during transportation. Necessary information such as coil size, weight, alloy and quantity is posted on the crate. As for the shipping method, 1100 aluminum coils are usually shipped by sea or air. Sea freight is the most common method and involves shipping the coils in containers on a cargo ship. Air freight is faster but more expensive, usually for urgent or small orders. Coils are loaded onto pallets or skids and loaded onto containers or aircraft.

Yongsheng 1100 aluminum coils packaging

Benefits Of 1100 Aluminum Coil Wholesale:

Wholesale purchase of 1100 aluminum coils can allow buyers to get a lower unit price, saving a lot of cost, time and effort. For buyers, enabling businesses to better manage inventory, reduce the need for frequent ordering, and maintain a steady supply of existing aluminum coil. Wholesale purchasing can also provide a wider range of aluminum coil products, including different sizes, alloys and finishes that may not be available through retail channels. Some wholesale aluminum coil suppliers, for example Yongsheng Aluminum (offering 1050 aluminum coil, 1060 aluminum coil, 1100 aluminum coil, 3003 aluminum coil, 5052 aluminum coil, 5083 aluminum coil, and 6061 aluminum coil, etc.), and customized options are also available.such as cut to size, custom finishes, and other value-added services to help businesses meet their specific requirements. These advantages can help enterprises reduce costs, simplify operations, and improve overall market competitiveness.

How To Choose Aluminum Coil Wholesaler Correctly?

The following takes the wholesale of 1100 aluminum coils of Henan Yongsheng Aluminum Co., Ltd. as an example to illustrate the main factors that should be considered in the wholesale of aluminum coils:

Work experience and expertise: Yongsheng Aluminum has more than 20 years of experience in aluminum coil production and supply. With a team of experts familiar with the aluminum industry, we can provide customers with professional guidance and support. Use the most advanced technology and equipment to meet the individual customization needs of customers and ensure that products meet the highest standards.

Quality assurance:Yongsheng Aluminum has modern production lines and advanced equipment to produce 1100 aluminum coils. We use advanced melting furnaces, continuous casting equipment and rolling mills to produce high quality aluminum coils. We also have annealing furnaces and finishing equipment such as slitting and shearing machines to ensure that our products meet the required specifications.

Customer service and support: Yongsheng Aluminium has a dedicated team of customer service representatives who are very knowledgeable about our products and services. Customers can be assisted with product selection, technical specifications and other technical issues, offering product customisation options to meet their specific needs. Strives to provide customers with timely and efficient support in responding to messages and providing up-to-date information on the status of orders and shipments. It also assists in solving any problems or concerns that may arise after the sale, providing complete after-sales service and working together to solve practical problems for our customers.

Pricing and payment: Yongsheng Aluminium offers competitive prices for 1100 aluminium coils. They provide detailed quotes based on customers’ specific requirements. Pricing will take into account factors such as order quantity, specifications and customisation requirements to ensure authenticity. The company offers flexible payment options for the convenience of the customers for purchasing the products. Such as wire transfer, letter of credit and PayPal. Customers can choose the most convenient payment method.

For price and payment options, Yongsheng offers precise terms and conditions. Customers will be informed in advance of the terms to provide transparency. Large orders and repeat clients will also receive discounts. When obtaining quotes, customers have the option to ask about discounts and special offers.

Shipping and delivery: Yongsheng Aluminium works with trusted shipping partners to ensure timely and safe delivery of products to customers. With a large production capacity, we can deliver 1100 aluminium coils within a short period of time (spot: 7-10 days; future stock: 15-30 days). Ensure that the products are packed securely to prevent damage during transit, using high quality packaging materials and techniques to ensure that the products arrive at their destination intact. Provide tracking information and updates to customers at all times to keep them informed about the status of their orders. Customers can track their shipments and receive updates on expected delivery dates.

In short, by understanding the benefits and applications of 1100 aluminum coils and choosing a reliable supplier you can maximize the value of your purchasing experience and ensure a consistent supply of high quality 1100 aluminum coils for your business.